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  1. You will always be a part of my life. A happy memory, a good laugh, a tear or two. I won’t ever forget you.
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  2. The unsteady temperature in my room is making it uncomfortable to sleep, meh, stuffy then too cold. I am grateful to be in my comfy bed though. :)

    I have a choice right now deciding on another position of one of my friend’s. She got in touch with me today asking if I would be or know of anyone with the qualifications for her job. She’s moving away and her boss asked her. It’s a research position! Wonderful right? Problem is it’s not permanent (again), it is full time, I would have to move to cowland, deals with crops, and if hired, I would have to quit sooner than expected. It sounds like a good opportunity for research though, since it’s you’re working directly with a research in a group of 4 people.


  3. It’s 3AM, I can’t fall asleep. This hasn’t happened to me in a long while. Should’ve wished for never having insomnia when I woke up at 11:11AM today. Gah!! Might as well blog about today then .__.

    Went yum cha and ikea with my family today. Came back and debated a while if I wanted to come down to the bay. I didn’t really want to since I was thinking about coming down next weekend since I have Thursday and Friday off from work (Fourth of July weekend!) But I really can’t stand being at home anymore. (Also, I miss my bf..) There’s always yelling and cursing now. I wish it wasn’t so hard to like home. It’s physiologically breaking me down. || visited the bf in the new office building of his boot camp. It’s so big! Went to Castro with him and his buddies. We got there too late x_x the pink party was over. There were just a bunch of people and litter on the road. Now I’m in Cupertino and can’t sleep. Boooooooooooo!

  4. Slow paced Mondays. I suddenly woke up at 3:30 last night, then went back to sleep after a bathroom break. At 5:45, I got up and got ready to go work. It was 57 degrees. Coworker is still sick, I hope she gets better! Another coworker told me about his weekend playing the newest Tomb Raider, it sound so gory. Ran my tests for the day, enter some seeds, went home. Not too bad, peaceful.

    Ate lots of cherries and freshly cracked walnuts that we bought at Apple Hill yesterday. Went out with my cousins in search for an arm band for iPhones. No luck.

    Must go rent more tennis rackets tomorrow in Fair Oaks. So far x.x

  5. Woke up sooo tired this morning, not sure what’s going on but I haven’t been able to fall asleep until 12:30am. It’s bad since I have work at 7 and the commute is approximately 45 minutes. Struggled a little in the beginning but my body woke up after eating some Greek yogurt during break. My coworker is sick :( Her throat has been bothering her for a couple days now, and today she was just felt awful. I hope she gets better.

    Drove to SF after work, parked at union square for a hour. While driving around the streets trying to find the entrance of the parking garage, I almost got run over by a blaring fire truck! I braked so hard, I think I need new ones.. Thank god I’m okay though! Another reason why driving in SF sucks! Lots of cars, lots of people.

    Visited S for a hour. Walked along the shorelines that overlook the bay bridge, and explored the ferry building. That made my day :]

    Met up with my fam for dinner. Chow down food, and left to sfo to pick up fam. 1+ hour wait and 2 hours drive home, I’m finally on my bed. Thank goodness I don’t have to wake up that early.

    Signing out. 1:40am

  6. I barely get to talk on the phone with S for more than 5 minutes during the weekdays. So I thoroughly enjoy reading his daily tumblr post. I’m really glad it’s going well for him. He owes me waffles! haha jk. If you see this >:)

    [It has been a stable ride and I’m not afraid of any bumps along the way. I’m really glad fate brought us together, so many things could’ve changed our first encounter. I truly do believe everything happens for a reason.]

    Today was a slower pace at work but everyone is getting back into the grind after mdw. And the first day of the week is usually meant for preparing and performing tests. This week is not much different from last week. I made buffers enough for at least two days, helped filtered a bacterial test, enter in old data, talked coworkers about their weekend. I only work two days this week due to Memorial Day and I took Thursday and Friday off. 4 day weekend! Busy but fun :)

  7. I do.

    Alzheimer’s. It’s a struggle for the family.
  8. Demi Lovato, one of my favorite singers.

    Song: Fix A Heart

  9. Trent Dabbs - This Time Tomorrow

  10. What an amazing and eye-opening weekend! Through my research at Cal Poly in the my professor’s lab, I was able to attend and present at my third poster conference. The first one was at CSUPBERB in Santa Clara earlier this year, where selected student research projects from the California State Universities could present their poster to the faculties, companies, and fellow colleagues. It was a wonderful experience; there were four groups from Cal Poly, and at least 5 of our professors came to support us.
    Statistics from their website: “The 262 symposium posters at the 2012 symposium represented the work of 338 students and 131 faculty mentors from 21 CSU campuses.” 

    American Society of Microbiology 2012 Conference was so much more than I imagined. It started Saturday and ended Tuesday, running from 8:15AM to 6PM daily at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. I went on Sunday in the afternoon and was able to attend a few scientific talks. But as soon as I went into the exhibition center where it was filled with companies displaying their products, I was immediately overwhelmed and intimated. So I went over to meet up with a few master students from Cal Poly. Since I went there rather late in the day, we ended up getting a drink and headed home. The following days I took my shyness and shoved it into a corner, and went up to the different companies before and after my poster session and started talking to them. There were a few brands that I recognize from using them in lab, and many more that I didn’t and wasn’t surprised. The poster session went well, luckily for us, all three posters from Cal Poly were all pinned next to each other :] My fellow lab mates all are heading towards the Med School route and were not looking for jobs like me, so they helped talk me up (so grateful for their kindness, and I am 100% they are all going to be great doctors). At the end of the conference, I walked away with much more than knowledge about different researches going on in the WORLD, but with what I’m going to do with my life! So determined to work in the science industry, and excited about my future. I’m going to start applying and follow up on the companies I was able to talk to.

    I’m really excited that I think I might have figured out at least what kind of direction I want to take with my life.

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    Hello Gran!

    Such cuties, the three of them!!

    it’s hard to maintain that military composure when one’s granny is inspecting! 

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  12. can’t wait for finals to be over so I can finally start making graduation presents and sentimental gifts for my friends!!

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    You can’t even talk because you’re like:

    and your friends are like:

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    Being here, by Mark Garry, thread pins, beads

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